Cyberwarfare vs Conventional and how AI is empowering our adversaries

January 22, 2020 by John Nash

Monday Feburary 3rd, 2020 / 6 PM – 9 PM

WHO: Southwest CyberSec Forum

WHEN: 1st Monday of each month 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

WHERE: UAT theater at 2625 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283

WHY: To stay current with new cyber threats, explore new security technologies, and network with your peers.

FREE: No membership fees, no RSVP’s, food and drinks provided by our sponsors.

Our thanks to Fortinet for sponsoring this months meeting!


[5:30-6:30 PM]

Pizza and Networking in the UAT common area

  • Open to the public and UAT students
  • Pizza and Drink provided.
  • No food or drink in the UAT Theater (Please)

[6:30-6:50 PM]

Announcements and Sponsor Segment

  • Review of Community CyberEvents (~5 min)
  • Short presentation by our sponsor, Fortinet (~15 min)

[6:50-7:00 PM]

Cyber Security Community updates

  • Cyber threat update with Erik Graham (~15 min)

[7:00-8:00 PM]

Warfare: Cyber vs.  Conventional

by John Jacobs, VP of Systems Engineering , Fortinet.


As Vice President of Systems Engineering, John currently leads teams for a number of Fortinet’s largest customers and service providers. With 20 years of experience in network design, engineering and global operations, he continuously works to strategize, construct and operate data and content delivery that can scale and survive modern business needs.

As the industry has shifted from a focus of simple connectivity to one of continuous access, real-time security, and expanded platforms, he is proud to be part of a leading security organization as a consultative member of the Fortinet Security Fabric team, offering direct feedback from the field to help best determine not only how we shape our technology, but also the ecosystem growth through partners and their complimentary solutions.

John resides in Seattle, Washington, holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, and will obtain his master’s degree in cybersecurity and information assurance in 2020. .


What is cyber warfare?  How is cyber warfare different from a conventional war?  How would a modern conflict between nation states manifest it self with todays technical landscape.  How would a cyber war impact the private sector?

Join John as he reviews the new landscape of warfare and how most countries are preparing for the likelihood that the next war will be a hybrid between cyber and conventional, and the impact to all of us that are in the line of fire.

[8:00-8:45 PM]

How AI and Deep Learning are Empowering our Adversaries

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by Gavin Klondike , Sr. Security Consultant


Gavin is a senior consultant and researcher who has a passion for network security, both attack and defense. Through that passion, he runs NetSec Explained; a blog and YouTube channel which covers intermediate and advanced level network security topics, in an easy to understand way. His work has given him the opportunity to be published in industry magazines and speak at conferences such as Defcon and CactusCon. Currently, he is researching ways to address the cybersecurity skills gap, by utilizing machine learning to augment the capabilities of current security analysts.

Gavin has presented to the group before in Jan of 2019 on Machine Learning with very positive reviews.


There’s no question that modern advances in AI and Deep Learning technologies have allowed organizations to greatly scale their defensive capabilities. Between detecting evolving threats, automating discovery, fighting dynamic attacks, and even freeing up time for IT professionals; AI-fueled automation has been a boon for system defenders. But before we get too comfortable, we need to remember that there is another side to this fight.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at how AI technologies are enhancing adversarial capabilities and how challenges in defensive machine learning are opening up new attack surfaces.

[8:45-9:00 PM]


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