ISO 27001 Information Security Management and Hacking Hired

March 15, 2019 by John Nash

Metro Area

Monday April 1st, 2019

This month we have Dave Anders presenting on Information Security Management with an emphasis on ISO 27001 along with Rachel Harpley who will be presenting Hacking Hired: Work the Vectors, Get the offer.

Erik Graham will be presenting his popular cyber threat update as usual.

This meeting is free and open to the public, so please invite your friends & bring your best questions. Our goal is to keep you, your co-workers, and your family informed and safe

Free to the public, no RSVP’s, food and drinks provided by our sponsors.

2625 W Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283 (Map)

At this time we have an open sponsorship slot.  If you would like to sponsor this meeting information on our sponsorship page or contact John Nash


Networking, Food and Drinks

  • 6:00 to 6:30 pm
  • No Entry into the UAT Theater until 6:30 as classes are in session
  • No Food or Drink inside the UAT theater at any time

**General Announcements & **Sponsor Segment

  • 6:30 to 6:50 pm
  • Sponsorship pending

Cyber Threat Updates by Erik Graham

  • 6:50 to 7:00 pm
  • Erik will be presenting his cyber update in his usual entertaining style.

Information Security Management with Dave Anders

  • 7:00 to 7:45 pm

As CEO/Partner of iCertWorksISO Manager and SecuraStar, Dave Anders has worked for decades managing a broad spectrum of risk management products and services for some of the largest organizations in the world

Join Dave as he reviews the method and approach used to apply the ISO 27001 framework to multinational organizations with complex risk models.

Hacking Hired: Work the Vectors, Get the Offer with Rachel Harpley

  • 7:45 to 8:45 pm

Rachel Harpley of Recruit Bit Security will present the insider track on how to manage your cyber security career trajectory.

There are no traditional career paths in cyber security, but the recruiting process often lacks transparency. Come learn from an insider to build your own career. This talk, “Hacking Hired,” identifies the four primary vectors of your job search and shares insights on how to work these vectors to your advantage to create the career you want. From a high-level, these vectors are the tools, technology, organizations and people. This is open to professionals at every stage in their career. 

Wrap Up and Networking

  • 8:45 to 9:00 pm

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