Meeting Recap 2019-Jan

January 08, 2019 by John Nash

Jan 7th, 2019 Meeting Recap

And as usual we had another great session this Month! Casey Reid of Tenable did a terrific presentation on Vulnerability Management and outlined the challenges even the largest companies have with tracking their network assets.  Erik Graham also provided the monthly Cyberthreat run down which is as much entertaining as it is educational.

Vulnerability Management 2.0

Casey Reid, Principle Security Engineer at Tenable

Some of the key points were of Casey’s presentation were as follows:

Asset Management:

The ability to know what you have on your network through regular scanning, as well as a process to decide when to allow a device on its network based on its risk score and whether it has been scanned or not.

Scanning Containers and other virtualized and variable workloads

Containers provided by kubernetes docker present special challenges when it comes to scanning.

Scanning Cloud Resources:

Identifying tools and processes to detect and scan ephemeral resources. In many cases this is best handled by intelligent agents that can integrate with your scanning tools:

Scanning ICA/SCADA Control Systems

Focus on scanning non-traditional assets such as ICA/SCADA control systems

CVE Scoring and what is wrong with it

The issues with CVE scoring and how you sometimes have to override those defaults and create custom methodologies to prioritize your remediation based on whether exploitable exist for those vulnerabilities as well as if they are at the edge or in more protected network zones.

Group Discussion

Finally there was a lively discussion around these topics with healthy participation by the audience. It is always good to see a dynamic group interaction like the one we had last night which indicates we have engaging speakers and an audience that is willing to challenge them.

FBI Presentation:

Paul Schaaf of the FBI also provided key information on the trends on Cyber and the ongoing challenges we all have as we enter 2019.

Sponsorship by Nuix:

Finally, thanks to David Petty and Matt Dunbar of Nuix for sponsoring. They provided key information on their product line and how they are solving tough problems in security management for some of the largest organizations in the world.

Nuix Logo

Thanks all for Attending!

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