Threat Hunting and Vendor Cyber Contracts

June 25, 2020 by CJ Logsdon

Monday August 3rd, 2020 / 6:30 PM (PST)

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[6:30-6:35 PM]


  • Announcements and Updates (~5 min)

[6:35-6:50 PM]

Cyber Security Community updates

  • Cyber threat update with Erik Graham (~15 min)

[6:50-7:05 PM]

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[7:05-7:50 PM]

Threat Hunting

Tim Garcia

Tim Garcia - Instructor, SANS Institute


SANS Instructor, Tim Garcia will be presenting on the broad topic of Threat hunting.  So you have purchased manageable assets, deployed agents and configured logging on everything you can think of, including your local and cloud workloads and bringing it all into your central data lake / SIEM.  What questions should you be asking it?  How do you make sense of it and where do you even start?  Tim, a cyber security veteran, will provide a the strategic direction combined tactical knowledge of how to approach the general topic of threat hunting in modern corporate environments.


Timothy Garcia is a seasoned security professional who loves the challenge and continuously changing landscape of defense. Tim started his career as an engineer in IT and after working on a few security incidents related to Code Red and Nimda; he realized he had found his calling. Tim currently works as an Information Security Engineer for a Fortune 100 financial institution where he provides security consulting to project teams to ensure security of IT operations and compliance with policies and regulations.

[7:50-8:40 PM]

Security Vendors and Contracts (The Un-Sexy Side of Cyber)

Ilene Kein

by Ilene Kein, CISSP, CISM, CIPP/US, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator Urban Area Security Initiative City of Phoenix Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management


Security Vendors and Contracts (The Un-Sexy Side of Cyber)

So, you run a cyber security program and have done everything reasonable you can, or at least have budget for, to secure your environment. Now, how about your vendors? As more and more of our data, operations and service delivery model rely on 3rd parties, we have an increasing need to understand those vendors risk profile, and codify that understanding in a contract.

Ilene will walk through the process of doing just that and touch on frameworks, audit dynamics and the important contact provisions you should push in order to keep your compliance program, and your vendor risk landscape, in order.


For over 20 years, Ilene Klein has been evangelizing security to anybody who would listen … and to management. During this time, she built and led compliance, governance, incident response, privacy, policy, security awareness, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management programs and frameworks. Ilene started her career as an electronics instructor and then traveled from Honolulu to Heidelberg as a systems engineer installing proprietary software for the U.S. Army and resolving system crashes before focusing on cybersecurity. Ilene has earned multiple security and privacy certifications, and she’s won awards such as the CISM Geographic Excellence Award for earning the highest score in the North America geographical region on the December 2011 CISM examination and a 2018 Warrior Award for fighting on the “front lines” of cybersecurity.

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