Meeting Recap: June 6th, 2022

June 09, 2022 by Elio Grieco

Thank you for everyone who attended our June 6th meeting both in person and virtually.

As with all events involving tech, there are a few issues to iron out. Zoom has a few quirks that make streaming more cumbersome than necessary. This wasn't too much of an issue except that it led to the browser window with our website being streamed, rather than Anthony's slide deck.

Thank you to

  • Erik Graham: For doing his ever popular cybersecurity news update, and for always being open to a spirited and well informed debate on the state of cybersecurity, privately or on-stage.
  • Anthony Dezilva: For an excellent overview of the metaverse, the information that will be collected, and the implications of thereof. Also for his assistance and guidance in numerous cybersecurity initiatives and projects over the years.

Special thanks to

  • John: For keeping the group going for the last several years, and for making himself exceptionally available to ease the handoff.
  • Rich: For helping tame the audio and streaming technologies, and his ongoing guidance of the group and personal mentorship to me for all of these years.
  • Wyatt: For keeping up the good fight and helping improve education and cybersecurity in Arizona, especially with regard to the ACSL and helping SWCSF find a new home.
  • Connor: For taking lead on graphic design work for SWCSF and ACSL, and always being available to help take care of the other odds and ends necessary to keep all of this going.

Community Engagement and Volunteers

While we have a great team, there's no such thing as too much help. We're always looking at ways to continue to improve and expand SWCSF.

Contact us if you are interested in helping continue to grow SWCSF and the greater Arizona Cybersecurity Community.

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